Reviving Bricks – A Mansion for my Hobbies

You just inherited a dilapidated, crumbling-down grand mansion in the countryside. Assuming money is no issue, what do you do with it? – Daily Prompt by The Daily Post

Wow, what an incredible stroke of fortune! I have now inherited a dilapidated, crumbling-down grand mansion in the countryside and an illimitable supply of money to renovate it. What would I like to do with it?

I have loads of varied interests and hobbies which include reading, writing and blogging, watching movies and sports, playing sports, listening music and quite recently a renewed interest in drawing and sketching. So its quite obvious what I would like to do with newly inherited mansion. I shall renovate and design it to pursue all of my hobbies. A countryside, grand mansion, tranquillity…it creates a sense of great elation deep down in me.

First of all I shall build a grand library in it. It shall be a pity that I have such a grand mansion of mine and I do not have a library in it. It is time fulfil my passion and love for reading and books. I want to learn so much and it will be perfect reservoir to quench my thirst for knowledge and learning. I particularity love reading history. Along with other genres, I shall stuff my library with all kinds of history books. While writing this post I am already imagining the magnificent sight of my library with a thousand times bigger collection of books than currently I have.

photo 2   photo 1

At the same place I shall polish my writing and blogging skills. With such a treasure of knowledge surrounding me, it will be a delight to write on so many ideas and topics.

An IMAX private theatre…just imagine it. Gives me a sense of euphoria when I think about a cinema of my own in my home. I am an avid viewer of movies. First of all I shall see again all of the top 250 movies by IMDB on big IMAX screen. I shall watch movies of Al Pacino, my favourite actor, again and again. Its gradually turning into a mansion of my dreams.

Music is food for soul. It gives wings to the mind, flight to creativity and imagination, and charm to life. I shall have a music orchestra of my own. I shall built a grand concert hall and enjoy the music from top artists all around the world.

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia



How to renovate the basement? Best way I can imagine is to convert it into a grand indoor sports facility. An astro turf shall be installed and basement shall be converted into indoor fields for two of my favourite sports, cricket and football.


I have always loved arts, drawing and sketching in particular. I think art is a way to feel connected to the world. It’s a language for capturing thoughts, exploring ideas and then spread those ideas. I love meeting and getting to know the artists. I love how artists have the ability to surprise, delight, and sometimes, shock. Through the eyes of an artist we can experience the world in so many different ways, and see different things. So here is the next step – to create an art/drawing studio to pursue my interests in arts. Focus on studies, professional studies in particular, resulted in many of hobbies going behind back drop. Drawing is one of it.


Garden is a place, if maintained properly, where natural beauty can be enjoyed very well. I am lover of beauty and garden will be one place exhibit the natural beauty. So barren land outside the mansion will be converted into a magnificent garden where I shall spend my mornings and evenings in tranquillity.

facSo this is how I shall turn this dilapidated, crumbling-down grand mansion into a grand mansion of my dreams.


2 thoughts on “Reviving Bricks – A Mansion for my Hobbies

  1. My first thought was to build a library as well, but an IMAX theater and your idea for the basement? . . well, I think you might want to add lots of rooms for visitors because i would be there all the time. lol


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