Strike a Chord – Dhol Beats

Do you play an instrument? Is there a musical instrument whose sound you find particularly pleasing? Tell us a story about your experience or relationship with an instrument of your choice. – Daily Prompt by The Daily Post

Although I cannot play any musical instrument, I am an avid music listener. The one music instruments that just makes my spirit to soar is ‘Dhol’.

I go mad and music takes over my soul. The sound of dhol is so load and beautiful, I can feel it in my heart. The dhol rythms of Bhangra, Dhamal and Kaharva takes you to higher levels of of ecstasy. The sound of the Dhol, if you ever hear it, is just insane! It is one of the best sounds ever in the music industry not to mention the sub-continent music industry! In one hand, a pencil-thin stick liberates high-pitched notes from one side of the large drum hanging from the neck of performer while a thicker, hooked one demands a strong pulse from the dagga, or bass side.

The Dhol, a double sided barrel drum, is the most sought after and used instrument in the music industry of sub-continent (Pakistan and India). The Dhol actually dates back to the 15th century, that’s how old it really is! In was used in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India to keep the farmers going to work. 

The sticks that strike the Dhol are made of wood – bamboo wood and cane wood. All Pakistani music songs/tracks consist of the dhol as part of their music madness when assembling the track.  The dhol varies in size and is usually quite large with a strap that will strap around the shoulder.

One of the best dhol performers of Pakistan is Papu Saeen. His talent took him to great levels of fame and is now an international figure. Rani Taj from India is another famous dhol performer.

Enjoy some of the great dhol beats !!


Papu Saeen and Overload Collaboration

Dhol mix by Rani Taj

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