Set for Solstice

Today’s Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). How are you taking advantage of the extra hours of light this time of year? Do you like it, or do you already miss earlier sunsets?Daily Prompt by The Daily Post


10:48 am

Feeling groggy, staring at the ceiling fan and air conditioner in my bed room… I can sense it… I can sense the bleating in their functioning. It has been one fiery summer so far. I look at the clock … its 10:50 am. FIFA World Cup fever is on and I went to bed at 4:30 am after watching Ecuador’s fine victory over Honduras.

Thirty nine degrees Celsius displays the Yahoo Weather App on my Iphone. Hmmm… well that’s a little relief when it has been averaging over forty-five degrees Celsius for past one month or so in Lahore. I pick the book, which I was reading last night, lying beside me on bed and place it on side table. The book is ‘Five People You Meet in Heaven’ by Mitch Albom. What an irony !! Reading about heaven in this hellish summer.

11:15 am

Just two minutes inside the kitchen and I am perspiring heavily… as if I just emerged out of Arabian Ocean. What to eat? I am thinking while exploring the cabin and refrigerator. Taking hot coffee or tea on such a hot day… not a good idea! Cereals with cold milk… that ll be best !!

12:30 pm

Electricity is playing hide and seek as usual. Will cursing the government be of any help? I don’t think so.

Pepper and Budge, FBI agents, drop Lester Nygaard at his home. I am watching last episode of ‘Fargo’. It’s hailing heavily. The scenes with heavy snowfall in background… making this hot day more unbearable for me.

2:30 pm

I am browsing through news websites of Dawn and The Express Tribune. I had done away watching news TV channels a long time ago. You cannot retain your sanity while watching the channels breaking all the barriers of lunacy in its rating wars.

My mother gives me a glass of chilling mango shake. Mango, the king of the fruits, the best of the summer fruits. It certainly helped in beating the heat.

3:00 pm

It’s getting cloudy outside. I open the Yahoo Weather App. Thirty three degrees Celsius is the temperature. Certainly a relief. The hourly forecast predicts rain in a couple of hours. A rushing sensation of chill flashes through the body.

‘Embrace yourselves, Weather tweets are coming’, I tweet. It will certainly be a good tagline for ‘Game of Weathers’.

5:00 pm

Blog stats are encouraging. My last blog attracted heavy traffic and good feedback from friends. It was a first attempt at memes and satire.

I look outside through window. Still no sign of rain.

7:00 pm

Should I go for jogging or not? Hmmm…  Not jogging today is not going to be a problem anyway. It has been a good week at gym so far. Body is still feeling the effects of cross-fit of yesterday.

7:15 pm

‘Set for Solstice’, it is today’s daily prompt by The Daily Post.

Hmmm… should I attempt it? What would I write? I have nothing to write about. It has been a season of scorching heat, certainly not an enjoyable affair.

7:30 pm

The sun is setting. All of a sudden,  the thunder boomed as loud as a stereo. I can sense the petrichor.

Its raining !!

I am outside. I can see the joy of people. I am loving the sight of kids playing in rain with big smiles on their faces.

8:00 pm

The temperature has dropped below thirty Degrees Celsius for the first time over past one and half month or so. The weather is pleasant and I am not missing the sun at all.

I have clicked ‘Add New Post’. I know I have something to write now.



3 thoughts on “Set for Solstice

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  2. It’s winter here in Australia, but your summer day sounds much like a summer day can be here- too, too hot and maybe with bushfires raging out of control. How can we deny more extreme weather? Hope you get some cool relief. Like the diary style.

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