Personality of the Year : GULLU BUTT

Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you to our annual ‘Personality of the Year’ award show.

Before I introduce you to the Personality of the Year, let’s view a short report on ‘Who are the Butts?’


Now Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you ‘Personality of the Year’, the Butt of the Butts, Mr Gullu Butt !




Who is ‘Gullu Butt’ ?


Gullu Butt, The Soldier

Which is the greatest army offensive in the history?




Yes, it’s the Gullu Butt’s onslaught!!!


The best War Attack of all times ……………….


Gullu Butt, The Hitman

Boom Boom




But you my friends are no match for this guy!!


Gullu Butt, The Commander

Who is the greatest warrior?



No way, here is the greatest warrior of all times……



Gullu Butt, Childrens’ favourite!

Parents and teachers are worried as children are not concentrating on the studies. What’s the reason?

It’s the brand new video game which is breaking all sorts of record and children absolutely love it.

Street fight



Stand up Ladies and Gentlemen and give a big round of applause to our ‘Personality of the Year’:




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