An Ounce of Home

You’re embarking on a yearlong round-the-world adventure, and can take only one small object with you to remind you of home. What do you bring along for the trip?Daily Prompt: An Ounce of Home (The Daily Post).


Finally, a life long dream is coming true. Gorgeous Brazilian Samba, Ski in Steamboat Streams, Shakespeare’s Home-town, Eiffel tower, Flamenco Show, African Safaris, The Great Wall of China, Railay Beach and Sydney Opera House – it’s going to be one great yearlong journey of adventure.

Although a fun packed journey lie ahead for a year, I am definitely going to miss the home. I would like to carry a thing which will make me feel I am always at my home. The most common thing I guess people would like to take in such a situation is a family photograph. Every one carries mobile phone now a days in which they have photographs of their loved ones and family. So what thing it’s going to be which I would like to carry…..

An old small table clock !


I can’t even remember now how old that clock is. But I remember my childhood when we did not have mobile phones and my mother used to set alarms on this clock to wake me and my siblings in the morning. I remember my father looking at it when he wanted to know what time it is. (By the way, I am not too old. I am talking about just 10 to 15 years back 🙂 )

Times have changed. Name it and you have got all the types of modern gadgets these days but this old table clock has not lost its place in our home. My mother still use it for setting alarms and my father still look at it for time.

I am going to set my morning alarms on this clock throughout my journey. It will be the best reminder of my home !!


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