Instant Celebrity: Cristiano Ronaldo

This post has been written in response to Daily Prompt by The Daily Post – Instant Celebrity

One of the foremost attributes that usually cognates to sports is Passion. It’s a passion that acts as a common thread which unites fans, families and even nations. Ever since my childhood I had great passion for sports, cricket and football in particular. Although I regularly played sports during my school days but I could not continue it when I pursued professional education after college. But this in no way diminished my passion and love for sports.

So when it comes to the question as to which famous person I would like to be for day, it has to be one great sportsman. A sportsman who is talented, ambitious, strong, hard-working, successful and a legend. Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro aka Cristiano Ronaldo is the one whom I admire the most.

The history of the football game is packed with some phenomenal talents, from the post war era phenomenon’s of Matthews, Finney, Puskas and Di Stefano to the likes of Pele, Best, Beckenbauer and Cryuff and modern greats such as Zico, Platini, Maradona, Van Basten, Zidane, Ronaldo (from Brazil), Ronaldinho, Messi, Xavi and Iniesta. The game has changed a lot over the years. It has now become fast paced and demanding requiring a machine like efficiency. Cristiano Ronaldo is one great goal scoring football machine.

Manchester United FC and Real Madrid FC, the guy has played for the two best football clubs of the world. PFA Young Player of the Year, Barclays Player of the Year,Ballon d’Or, UEFA Club Footballer of the Year, FIFA World Player of Year, Golden Boots – name it and he has won all of these prestigious awards.

He is a complete attacking forward player with attributes: pace, finishing, dribbling, positioning, crossing, free kick taking – a football player dreams of. I still remember his debut game for Manchester United against Bolton Wanderers in 2002-03 season. He came as substitute in 60th minute and mesmerised the crowd with his magical display. His breath-taking style of play gave me goose bumps.

Apart from being a great footballer, he is a great human being. Ronaldo once met a 9-year-old boy with cancer after a Real Madrid’s home game. The boy’s parents could not afford to do anything more for their child and decided to make his dream come true by taking him to see Los Blancos. Upon meeting the boy, Ronaldo offered to bear the bill so that the boy could get a consultation at one of Madrid’s top medical facilities, and receive personalised medication from the USA.

Talent, skill, passion, wealth, fame, humility and philanthropy , he is an epitome of these traits. AND Hot girl friend, Irina Shayk, is just an icing on the cake !!

Yes, I want to be ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ as a famous person for a day !



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